*2019 General Elections – This Unfortunate Postponement.*

Like many progressive Nigerians, the Unfortunate news of the postponement of the elections scheduled to commence today with the Presidential and National Assembly elections came to us as a shock.

We had noted flashes of this postponement from online surrogates of the main opposition party recently even before the INEC announcement but never knew they were determined to see it achieved.

To us, they have just achieved a week long break from their doomsday and we urge them to enjoy it while it lasts.

We however feel for our supporters who have traveled from far to ensure our nation gets to the next level, having committed so much resources and energy. We salute your courage and sacrifice.

May we use this medium to urge our members and supporters to remain calm and law abiding. We should as well remain resolute and keep our focus in ensuring that we re-elect *President Muhammadu Buhari* and *Vice President Yemi Osinbajo* and all other *APC candidates.*
This is definitely not a time to down tools but a critical time to double our individual and group efforts. Let us also remind ourselves to be watchful as we are yet to identify the reason the main opposition party chose this postponement course.

To INEC, we doubt if it has been this good on lending support to your efforts from any administration. We are utterly disappointed but as law abiding citizens, we do not have any choice but to wait on you. Kindly do all within your powers to ensure this does not repeat itself. Kindly disassociate yourselves publicly from the results we have seen flying around. All we seek are free, fair and credible elections under your watch.

To the PDP, it’s candidates and members, we will not allow you destroy this country just because of your ambitions. Though we understand how difficult this season is to you, probably owing to the fact that your members are not used to law and order, we urge that you refrain from further undermining efforts geared towards developing our democracy and nation. Let us all be civil and play according to the  Rules.

Thank you

Chika Nwagwu
Director Strategy & Communication
Mandateguard Initiative


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