The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is certain of failure at the presidential elections of Saturday, February 23, 2019. The elections of today has proved to the PDP, that the entire Nigerian masses and the world that the Nigerian electorate know what they want, and this they have seen in President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration.

From the exist polls so far, it is looking very blink the PDP . With the intimidation from former President Obasanjo, he could not win his Polling Unit for his “forgiven fellow”, Atiku Abubakar. It remains no surprise that Obasanjo could not win his Polling Unit for Atiku because despite the use of money to buy votes at the Ajiya Polling Unit in Yola, Adamawa State, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the moneybags of PDP, could not even win his own Polling Unit for himself. This is because the Buhari Administration is delivering on its promises to Nigerian masses, and Nigerians are more enlightened and their (PDP’s) devious plans to disrupt the electoral process were quelled to the barest minimum by the courageous security personnel around the country.

*Upon seeing that they cannot make hay while the sun shines over the ballot, and in never being exhausted with the manufacture of evil, their next plan could be to ensure that they attack wards, Local Government and State Collation Centres across the country to destroy evidence of their woeful failure at the polls. The essence of this is to ensure that there are no evidences supporting the credibility of the election so that they can file a suit in the court of law wherein, on legal grounds, there would be no evidence from INEC to buttress the victory of Winning Party . The security operatives deserves commendation for containing the PDP’s evil plot to disrupt the elections by way of instigating violence so that elections would not hold in so many places.*

The turnout of voters in the South-south and Southeast is very minimal. There were very few voters at the Polling Units. The PDP, as is their character, in cohorts with some section of the press blank out the issue of voter apathy in the Southeast and South-south in order for them to find a way of manoeuvring the results and situation in the favour (PDP) This can be seen in the fact that there are pockets of violence in the two geo-political zones, and exits polls from the two zones have not been coming forth as expected. There is violence in Rivers State and elections have been postponed in two localities and other sections in the southern part of the country till further notice. This is the plan which the PDP had in store for the entire country but only a bit of it could be achieved in Rivers State because of the influence of the governor in the state.

When all their schemes against national interest has failed, they may plan to resort to mass eviction of citizens from other parts of the country who are resident in the zones back to their states of origin or any other zones in order to create unrest in the country. They may resort to killings in order to attract reprisals from other parts of the country. The PDP in their plots do not have any good intention for Nigeria.

If citizens of Atiku’s immediate community: his neighbours, do not find him fit to govern Nigeria, how, on God’s green Earth does he think Nigerians can entrust the entire country to him? Resorting to evil plots against the country which cost innocent citizens their lives can only worsen his already bad reputation in the country.

*This should also serve as a wakeup call to all stakeholders in the electoral process especially INEC and the security agencies upon which it is onus to ensure the safety of all votes cast in today’s elections. The PDP never runs out of devious ideas particularly when it relates to the various forms of rigging and manipulating the electoral process.*

As it has always been, I welcome constructive response(s) to the above submission

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!



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