About Us


Mandate Guard is a volunteer change vehicle that brings together Nigerians who are angered and pained by the wanton looting and desecration of our institutions and nationhood by an alienated political class with its willing allies in all sections of our body polity. Mandate guards in conjunction with willing progressive forces made good their pledge to change the hitherto docile administration for the present administration through the instrumentality of the ballot box.  The Mandate Guard structure, drawn from its  membership across the diverse states of the federation including the Federal Capital territory aided the firepower to deliver the present administration with visible polling booth influence across country.

After delivering on the general elections, it became apparent to hold accountable, the government supported, by monitoring and guarding the mandate freely given to this administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that our ideals of good governance are protected. This is our focus as an evolving pressure group in the first instance. We hope to convey to our members and general public, our Change Initiative from a standpoint of enduring undiluted value influenced governance, standing on a tripod of transparency, accountability and effective leadership. Mandate guard is a non-profit, nonpolitical, secular community, development advocacy platform. It’s membership cuts across the diverse terrain of Nigeria, with catchment areas of the 744 LGA attracting participants representing almost every strata of society.

Mandate guard is structured along the lines as designed by its operational manual:

  1. Convener – Mr. Ozo F. Ogwuegbu
  2. Board of trustees (BOT)
  3. National Coordinator – Ibrahim Dambatta
  4. National Executive Committee
  5. Media and Publicity Directorate
  6. Editorial Board
  7. Auditor
  8. Mobilization and Operations Directorate
  9. Legal and Risk Assessment Directorate
  10. Zonal Directors
  11. State Leaders
  12. Local government Heads
  13. Ward Supervisor


An assemblage of unblemished patriots with a common goal of putting country first beyond parochial fault line agitation, building a Nigeria that works for all, irrespective of tribe, gender, religion and status but more on the core value of competence.
An equitable Nigeria, fair to all, galvanized on the premise of competence rather than parochial sentiments, firmly placed among the best of competing country peers spreading prosperity across the length and breadth of the country.