Our Goals


1. To be a credible pressure group to influence government policy.

2. To be a fertile think tank and reservoir of suggestions that could be helpful for governments use

3. Mass mobiliser of the voting electorate in tandem of what would like to be in the best interest of our nationalistic beliefs drawn from the fountain of competence.

4. A humane vehicle for social, Moral and disaster volunteerism in service to local and international causes.

5. To conduct integrity test on our faltering institutions and proffer workable pathways to greater efficiency and accountability.

6. Serving as adequate watchdogs, monitoring budget performance across all levels of government. This entails project evaluation milestone tracking, etc.

7. Engaging the grassroots with a desire to educate and motivate the locals to participate and seek elective positions. Ensuring political power resides back with the people, where it belongs.

8.Attracting a diverse subscriber base cutting across all geopolitical zones, 744 LGA’s, respective wards, to command a total grasp of the country.

9. To develop a volunteering mentality among our subscribers, called up when needed for urgent National assignments.

10.  evolve effective strategies, that positions all pooling booth within our collective reach and influence. This responsibility would be supervised by our elected Ward supervisors.

11. Serves as good feedback to government about the true pulses in the streets.

12. More importantly and in consonance with our name, we would hold the electoral promises of political candidates in trust to be accounted for when in office.